Watch Me FLEX Fitness 


Fitness Boot Camp Sessions
Weekly fitness bootcamp sessions are held at various locations such as on-site at the Watch Me FLEX Fitness private studio, private rooftop, or other outdoor locations within close proximity to the studio; weather permitting. Contact us in advance to ensure you are on the distribution list for email or mobile notifications of any changes regarding bootcamp schedule or location. 
COED Early-Bird Fitness Bootcamp
Every Mon & Fri @ 5:00 am
$10.00/pp/per session
WEEKEND Warriors (Bodybuilding/Strength Camp)
2-hour strength & conditioning class geared toward increased strength, endurance & building lean muscle mass.
Saturdays @ 9:30-11:30 am; Sundays @10:00am-12:00pm
1 Day ($20/per class)
WEEKDAY Warriors Class
1-hour group class with an alternating workout schedule.
Strength Training (Men: Upper Body; Women: Lower Body)
Tuesdays: CrossFit

Wednesdays: Strength Training (Men: Lower Body; Women: Upper Body) 
Thursdays: CrossFit
Weekday Warriors Options:
4 Weeks ($10/class) $140.00  BUY NOW
1 Week ($15/class) $60.00  BUY NOW
1 Day/Drop-In ($20/class)
CONTACT:  Call/Text (202) 930-FLEX (3539)  - OR- Email:  WatchMeFLEXFitness

REQUIRED WAIVER (One-time waiver: Please print/read/sign and bring to class)